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How Hospitals, Groups, and Practices Improve with ACEA

Want to ensure your clinicians save time while you guarantee compliance? Let ACEA cover your team's continuing education management across all content sources in one easy place.  

Easily manage your CE/CME with ACEA

Take the stress out of continuing education! ACEA works to make your life easier so you can focus on the truly important things to you.

By leveraging the powerful technology behind the ACEA’s platform:  

  • Clinicians can easily keep track of and manage their CE in one centralized and curated place
  • Continuing education can be enjoyable and effective for today’s busy healthcare workforce
  • Healthcare professionals can access a variety of CE content in omne easy to use portal
  • Organizations can better engage clinician learners, reduce administrative burden, and improve operational efficiencies to support growth

What do we offer?

  • Easily track your continuing education progress
  • Quality CE content for every healthcare field and specialty, from any education provider
  • Simple search feature that provides access to a plethora of content
  • Ensure compliance with your license requirements through reports and reminders
  • Stay up to date in your field with the latest breakthroughs and technologies

An Unparalleled Strategic Approach  

The ACEA goes beyond just saving administrative time and automating the experience for our partners. We’ve taken a unique approach to leverage every learner touch point in support of growth for our provider partners. Clinicians come to the ACEA for all of their education needs – from discovering content to tracking compliance. This means we can help engagement in your desired education or topics, automate the reimbursement process, and save costs through our exclusive group CME and conference discounts. Since launching our platform in 2012, our community has grown to tens of thousands of clinicians and partners taking advantage of these resources.

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